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Adversity 16s 10-21

Advversity 18s 10-21

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Factors in your decision

The Coaches coaching Background

All coaches have met the Regions requirements, and Adversity has the greatest % of those who have furthered their Volleyball education.  We have 15 coaches who have attended USA Volleyballs coaching program.  Can the other area clubs say the same?

Can you see the coaching staff’s background? There is a myth that merely being a player makes you a better coach. Adversity is proud of the background of our staff and make it available for inspection.

Proximity. Remember, close and convenient does not mean best, better or even good. Use the following to help you determine the best choice for you.

Cost is another factor.  You can work with Adversity to expand the payment plan, but the difference in fees is less than the difference in opportunities to learn!

Opportunity lost!

Practice          National 180 hours                           Regional 120 hour’s  50% more

Work Out      National 90 hours                             Regional 40 hours     125% more

We have two weight rooms, to train all of our athletes.  Girls 15 Purple, last season increased their vertical touch height be an average of 3 inches.

Competitive nature of practices.  Team sizes of 12.  Top 12 players by position so when we scrimmage within the team (almost every day), so they compete against best competition in practice more there than they actually do in tournaments.  Teams scrimmage between age groups as well.

The number of athletes that have gone on to the next level, which I significant because it endorses our practice philosophy, our teaching curriculum, and our coaches’ excellence. We coach all the athletes the same way in the team setting, so the fact that our athletes are recognized for the college game says volumes. Not every athlete has the physical characteristics to play at the next level, but they get the same training as those that do for their High School seasons.

13 Adversity  Coaches complete USA Volleyballs Coaches Accreditation Program, held at Adversity, August  4-6, 2017!

What is CAP? An educational series from the National Governing Body for coaches who want to learn the latest in the science of volleyball and motor learning theory.  And from the best minds in the game!

Why do CAP?  Adversity believes in continuing education  for its coaches,  just as  teachers do.   Do you want your athlete to learn this great sport based on the most  recent learning’s or a coaches previous playing experience, beliefs or opinions?


Adversity 16 Purple finishes 1st in Gold Division at the 2017 Boys Junior National Championships!

HUGE congratulations to Head Coach Benjamin Formica, Assistant Coach Bill Moser & the following players:

Samuel Adkisson
Connor Clowers
Adam Krasowski
Justin McCartney
Jared Moser
Ben Ridgway
Matthew Sarnowski
Michael Scott
Kyle Vasquez
Marcel Wiechnik
Benjamin Wiegand
Bartosz Wielgos
Carter Zagorski

FACT: 18 Black’s roster is made up of 75% juniors.