2017-2018 Tournaments

Adversity Hosted Events 2017-2018

Adversity offers tournaments through out the season for Boys and Girls, featuring

We are located 5 minutes from the Tri State tollway.

Eight courts, all are separated by netting to minimize interruptions

Event’s will run no matter the size of the event, with your approval

Prizes are awarded for first and second, no matter the size!

Warm up balls and carts are provided for each court for each event

USAV officials provided on all matches

All matches best of 3, two to 25, deciding set to 15

All Playoff matches are best of 3, two to 25, deciding set to 15

Bleacher seating provided, Parents can bring in their own chairs

Largest, quietest, concessions area with healthy food options available

Plenty of outlets in concessions for those that need it.

Wireless has been upgraded

Parking allowed on the north side of the street and the loading dock areas as well as nearby lots