Girls Club

General Information
Adversity ran a girls program from 1999 through 2008, when we discontinued girls when Boys moved into a facility.  We resumed girls when we moved into our own facility in Vernon Hills, then continued coaching girls with another club.

What’s the difference compared to other clubs?
 Coaches are experienced and have been accredited through USA Volleyball’s Coaches Accreditation Program.  Would you send your kid to a school where teachers were not required to further their education?
We follow the latest findings in Motor Learning theory which asks the question do we practice to look good or to compete.  The game is chaotic rather than controlled, so we Grill (Game based drills) with the net rather than using a lot if repetitive partner drills.  It is obvious that the ball over the net is far more random/chaotic than same side two person drills.
We teach the skills per the latest biomechanical research including how to jump higher, hit the ball harder and land softer to maximize on court performance and reduces the risk of injury.
The general methodology is by using the game itself as a learning tool.  Humans learn best by doing.  We train all of the techniques of the skill then scrimmage focusing on specific aspects of the game.
The practice time is greater than other clubs as all teams will do specific skills clinics in the pre-season allowing more team training in normal practices.  These clinics/lessons are also available during the year at a cost


Practices will be held twice a week in order to prepare for weekend tournaments. We will teach the athletes with the latest science in motor learning to prepare them for the next level.


Tournaments will be various weekends to prepare the players for game-like situations. With most events being hosted at Adversity, athletes will be able to perform in a comfortable environment.

For more information about our Extended Season, open the PDF Brochure below:

2017 Girls Extended Season Website