How to Choose Your Club

How to Choose your Club

The first thing is to look past the hype! Many claims are made that are unfounded in the real world. Adversity stands on its competitive record locally, it’s consistency in qualifying teams to the Open division of the National Championships, its success there, and the development of athletes for both their High School and College careers. A factor for many new families is proximity. Remember, close and convenient does not mean best, better or even good. Use the following to help you determine the best choice for you.


The research shows that playing the game is the best way to learn.  There is a spectrum of philosophies from drill 100% to roll out the ball and play. At Adversity, we teach the techniques we believe in, the ones that will allow our athletes to make more plays! Once instructed, we move to game like practice to master the skills. Practice Facilities

Number of courts and number of teams on a court during practice are important. Do they practice on the proper surface? Sport Court is the choice of USA Volleyball for all of its national level events. Tile floors are hard on the knees.

The Coaches coaching Background

All coaches are college graduates, registered, IMPACTED and background screened. Can you see the coaching staff’s background? There is a myth that merely being a player makes you a better coach. Adversity is proud of the background of our staff and make it available for inspection.

Team sizes of 12.  Top 12 players by position so when we scrimmage (almost every day), so they compete against better competition in practice more there than they actually do in tournaments.  Different teams scrimmage as well.

Opportunities to Play

How many tournaments are on the schedule? Adversity schedules nearly twice as many as our competition, although some don’t run due to lack of entries. Remember, kids don’t play a sport to practice, they want to play

Success against other Area Clubs

Adversity beats the competition on the court a very large percent of the time!

National Success

Adversity consistently places athletes in the USA Volleyball High Performance program and hosts tryouts yearly.

Success at the High School Level, 2015 Boys State Tournament
New Trier 2nd, 8 Adversity players
Lake Zurich, 3rd, 6 Adversity players

Many of our players make their All-Conference team and All-Area lists
We have Athletes playing College Volleyball.

Significant because it endorses our practice philosophy, our teaching curriculum, and our coaches’ excellence. We coach all the athletes the same way in the team setting, so the fact that our athletes are recognized for the college game says volumes. Not every athlete has the physical characteristics to play at the next level, but they get the same training as those that do for their High School seasons.