2017 Summer Camps

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  1. Courses are based on the published articles by USA Volleyball, the concepts/teachings of Gold Medal squared, and the bio-mechanical research by the former Director of Performance Analysis of the USOC!
    After brief technical instruction players will practice them in game like drills (referred to as Game like Drills).  GRILLS maximize ball contacts!
  2. The lead staff for the camps have been certified through USA Volleyball’s Coaches Accreditation program or Professional players who have coached for Adversity.
  3. All of the certified coaches have qualified teams for Girls Nationals and the Boys Open Division.

All camps are using the same methodology for all levels rather than basing them on age or current skill.  Learning the whole skill at game like speeds will lead to faster development of the player.  The mental aspects of each skill will be taught since it is more important to know why rather than just how!
For those that have winter or spring school Volleyball, check back for additional camp opportunities during the Fall

To Register go to AdversityVBC.org/Registration.  Each camp (MS Boys, MS Girls, HS Girls, HS Boys) grouping has the dates times within the registration
There are 1, 2, or 3 day clinics for Setters, Middle Blockers, Pin Hitters and Ball Control specialists throughout the Summer and Fall

Individual Lessons are also available

Questions, call Mike at 847-793-0900.