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Strength & Conditioning Lessons

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Mission Statement
To provide evidence-based sports performance to our clients in pursuit of reaching their goals. Through proper assessments, programming, nutrition and recovery these goals will be accomplished in an environment that is fun and productive to everyone.

 Core Values

  • Passion: The passion to learn and pay that knowledge forward to staff, clients and parents.

  • Honest Communication: Communication is key between athlete, coach and parent. With open and honest communication proper programming can be done to ensure that the goals of the athlete and parent are met.

  • Consistency: Every coach will follow a system that is proven to work. There will be consistency on the coaches behave and the consistency of the client buying into the program to achieve their goals.

  • Fun: So very important to have fun while attaining your goals through hard work. PSP will provide an atmosphere that is serious but also fun to be at. Culture is everything.


Summer Training Sessions

Program personally designed by an in-depth evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. Custom training program made just for you. The main difference between one on one training and other packages is there is no attention to anyone but you, the client. This is best for those coming off an injury or looking for specific areas to improve on. Non-Adversity Athletes will need to bring a signed waiver on the first day. Waiver can be found below. 

One on One Training Sessions

Sessions Price
1 $50
4 $180
8 $320

Group Training Sessions

Sessions Price
1 $40 each
4 $160 each
8 $280 each

The groups for group training sessions must be created on your own. Once you have your group together please pick a time slot from the link below. Please put "group session" in the comment section when you sign up. 

Training Sign Up Link

Please sign up no less than 48 hours ahead of time
710 Corporate Woods Pkwy
Vernon Hills, IL 60061