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Tryout Frequently Asked Questions

Why are tryouts on July 18th?
The Great Lakes Region announced that July 18th was the first day clubs could hold tryouts for the 2021-2022 club season.

What if I am out of town on the day of tryouts?
There will be a make-up tryout on July 22nd for those athletes that could not attend the July 18th tryout. 

If you will miss both dates and would like a tryout please email us at

What do I need for the tryout day?
A USAV Membership (Tryout or Full Season) is required.   A current 2020-2021 Season Membership is acceptable.  Wear appropriate volleyball gear and bring a water bottle for the on-court tryout.

Is Adversity having a re-sign period for current athletes?
We will not re-sign current athletes and everyone will need to tryout to make the club. Cuts will be made at all age divisions, every athlete has to prove themselves each year to make the club.

How long do I have to commit to Adversity after being offered a spot?
You will be contacted by midnight the latest on the day of tryouts if you are or are not being offered a spot within the club.  An acceptance link will then be emailed to all players who were offered a spot and will need to be completed within 48 hours.

When are team practices?
Team practices for Vernon Hills are generally Sun/Mon/Wed. Team practices for Lombard are Sun/Tues/Thurs. Practices are two hours of on-court training three times a week.  For 14U-18U an additional hour will be added to practice for strength and conditioning to two of the week’s practices.  This hour will be immediately prior to or following the on-court practice.

What does the tournament schedule look like for 14U-18U?
Each team will attend 2-3 National Qualifiers, Windy City Power League or Great Lakes Regional Qualifier (depending on what the Region decides) and one National Championship event (USAV or AAU).  Local tournaments or additional Qualifiers may be added based on team.

How many players will be on a team?
We are looking to field 10-12 athletes per team.

Will Adversity have both Vernon Hills and Lombard locations this year?
Yes!  We are excited to be able to have both locations for the 2021-2022 club season.

Can I choose which location to try out for?
Yes.  At tryouts you will be asked which location you are trying out for.  If an open spot at   the other location from your initial choice arises, a conversation with you will be had first.

Will Adversity have Regional teams?
Our youth program (13U & 12U) is tailored more towards a regional schedule.  They may have only 1 out of state tournament.  They will have the potential option of attending nationals.  

When will I know what team I make after tryouts?
High school:

Team placement will take place after the high school season in late November/early December.  Players will only be offered a spot with Adversity at tryouts in July.  There will be a 3-5 week evaluation for team placement for all players.
Middle school:
The season will begin in October.  There will also be an evaluation period for what team they will make.  

How can I find out more information about the 21-22 club season?
You can visit our website for more information and/or schedule a lesson anytime.  Phone calls and meetings with anyone on the leadership team are available per your request.  

What divisions do the teams participate in?
Adversity’s philosophy is that each team will compete in the highest division possible per our discretion.  If there are 2-3 teams in an age group that are open level we will put them all in the Open division.  We do not believe in only putting our top teams in the Open division.  

What is the cost of a season?
The pricing structure is not finalized yet, it will be available before tryouts.
$1500 - $2000
Additional uniform and travel fees not included.
$2800 - $3600
Additional uniform and travel fees not included.
Additional weight lifting fee also not included.
$2200 - $2800
Additional uniform and travel fees not included.
Additional weight lifting fee also not included.

What does Adversity do for Uniforms?
 Adversity is an Adidas sponsored club and all of our athletes must be in head to toe Adidas. Players get to keep their gear from the previous year and may be able re-use them for the current season. Each year we try to recycle as many pieces as possible but there is no guarantee that Adidas will continue to make all items and you may have to order new pieces as a returning athlete.  Uniform cost will be $250-$400, including shoes.