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Volleyball Lessons


Private & Small Group Lessons

Adversity Volleyball offers lessons in the form of 1-on-1 or small group settings (up to 4 athletes at this time) for boys and girls.  Lessons are a great way to receive specialized and focused training from one of our qualified coaches on the Adversity coaching staff.  You choose the skills you want to work on. 

If you are interested in small-group lessons gather your friends and come in together.  Athletes create the small groups before the lesson.  Only one athlete from the group needs to sign up.


COST: Rates may vary between coaches (cost may increase with additional athletes).  Each coach's rate is listed under their name. Payment can be made directly to the lesson coach.

TIME: Lessons last from 50-60 min 

WHERE: Lessons will be held at Adversity Volleyball Center in Vernon Hills (710 Corporate Woods Parkway)

If you are interested in scheduling a lesson click on a coach's name below to view their available time slots.  Use the coach's Sign Up Genius page to reserve a spot.  If you are signing up more that 1 athlete for a session please inform us in the comment section,  we will then let you know the adjusted rate:

*sign up more the 24 hours in advance of desired time slot*


If a desired coach is unavailable or if you have additional questions regarding lessons, please e-mail us at:



*please print out and bring with you*


  • We have updated our lesson schedule for this next week. If you are interested in signing up for some lessons, you can register below.  The cost is a flat $25 per lesson regardless of the coach, you pick your time slot and we will assign you a coach to work with during that time. If a group of 2 or 3, cost is $15 per player.  Siblings are allowed to do a group lesson since they are from the same household
  • *Non Adversity athletes are $60 per hour

Individual Training